so I must THANK everyone who has made suggestions to me for my list... which books to read, new recipes to try (VEGAN ONES TOO!) it's been great! I love having support of others and I'm really happy with the direction that this little "project" is heading in... I'm about to dive into another item on my list- #6 Research each state and find some cool places to visit. To make this site a little more interactive I decided to make a poll to see which way I should go about it- so make sure YOU PARTICIPATE - its at the end of today's blog)

I'll also be starting #12:try making/cooking something new at least twice a month, on Friday. Thanks to Mrs. Hedlund I will be making Mushroom Parmesan for dinner... good thing both boys will be gone!

Another item on my list of to-do's this week will be # 18: be a pen pal! I'm gonna write my first letter, and I am VERY excited to send it :)

That's all the updating I have so far... don't forget to participate in my poll (scroll down to see it!)

Thanks for stopping by!

10/13/2010 13:48

I say... start with the first state in the union, and go in order from first to last :)


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