WOW. What a night... at work, and in my dreams.

Work is AWESOME... I love getting ready and going there everyday. Is it terrible to say that I'm excited to quit my other job? :( Anyways, everyone is amazing and so willing to help and be your friend. I guess it helps that all of my co-workers are males, right? The training process should be over this Friday, that is if I pass the final. Shouldn't be a problem- just need to keep studying. Yes, I made flash cards :)

I CANNOT wait for my new camera to arrive... hopefully by the weekend or early next week. For sure I would like to have it for Thanksgiving. I'm getting excited and sad all at the same time. I love Thanksgiving at home with all of my amazing family and friends, and of course all of the wonderful foods that everyone makes but I guess it never really hurts to try something new. This year is going to be so different than what I am used to. I will actually be working that day (I've been fortunate to never have to work a holiday, until now) after work if I can get done in time me and the boy will be volunteering at a Shelter down here and then head home for our own little Thanksgiving dinner- and I get to cook it all! I'm looking forward to that! (except the Turkey)

Speaking of Turkey... today is officially the first day that I can eat meat again. The 40 days are over and I made it! YAY! I'm nervous about starting again... and debating on if I am just going to continue with the no meat thing- it's been kind of nice. At first I was losing weight but now that I am back on that HORRIBLE serving schedule and I eat like crap and at 12:00 at night all that weight is right back on lol

There isn't a whole lot that is new going on in my life... the only big thing is that I will be switching to Sprint and leaving Verizon in the dust at the end of the month... PEACE out :)

I guess it's gym time

11/17/2010 20:05

Dedication, dedication-Ashley Tangen, do I have to tell you every time I log in how great you are!? Haha, I would suggest that you should introduce a fish into your diet for the meat portion, I know that most people that go that route stick with it and it works! Love to hear that you are ditching the big V, but AT&T maybe? We could be our own little family! Take care sweets! Love, Kyle


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