I officially hate my phone... mostly because all of my photos have been deleted which really affected my gallery :( BOO.

Anyways, I plan on putting some other pictures up from Easter instead... so check back soon!
I checked the stats for my online portfolio and already in an hour there have been 37 people that have visited. I'm not going to lie, I had butterflies in my stomach when I realized that OTHER people would be looking at my work. YIKES. I guess I should spread the word:

Check out my other site:


Let me know what you think!

For the record, I love hearing the babies running through the house and playing outside. It makes me feel like I'm really home. :)

The last two nights my dreams have been about ex boyfriends and losing all my teeth... maybe I should stop taking iron supplements? :)
#10: Volunteer at: homeless shelter, retirement home, or church- CHECK!

Last night I had a great opportunity to volunteer at SHARE. A food distribution for those in need. Located in Monticello, MN SHARE was able to give out enough food last night for 450 families. They are able to help so many by receiving food and money donations from Businesses around the state. Some of the items included last night were propel water, ginger ale, blueberry juice, evaporated milk, grapefruits, combos, assorted cheese products, lettuce, gifts for boys and girls, popcorn, peanuts, candy, soy milk, frozen veggies, energy drinks, tonic water, protein shakes, girl scout cookies, and much more!

I was surprised to see how many families showed up to recieve food, AND how many volunteers were needed to help make sure everything runs smooth. I had a great time handing out food and getting to know some of the volunteers. Here are a couple pictures from the night:

For more information about food share in Minnesota you can visit: http://mnfoodshare.gmcc.org/

April 10-16 is National Volunteer Week for information on where you can volunteer visit: http://www.redcross.org

Yesterday I had the whole day off- it was great. I thinks its officially safe to say that spring has arrived look what grew in our yard:

YAY! Our first flower- I love Spring

I took my little nephew out to lunch after picking him up from school (we went to Chipotle) Shelby met up with us with Jacob and it turned into a fun afternoon:
You can have a lot of fun with Burritos :)

Updated POD's and my Hiking gallery... check it out!

I think it's safe to say that Spring is finally around the corner. I opened the windows for the first time this morning while I ran on the treadmill- it was so great! We also grilled for the first time last night- shrimp & steak kabobs, baked potatos, wild rice, and baked apples for dessert- YUM.

This weather is making me extremely anxious to start exploring places to hike in MN. When I was in Arizona I read about alot of good areas. Can't wait til I get out. Now I just need someone to come with me, who's in?  (On a side note, I saw a picnic basket at the store yesterday- I was a little tempted to buy it. I justified it by saying "It's for my list!")

Life is good lately. I'm definetly back into the swing of life back home in Minnesota. I work about 90% of the time, 5% is spent on catching up on my to-do lists, and the other 5% is spent down the street with my best friend. 

My impatience has gotten the best of me lately and I'm trying to keep myself in check when in comes to my future. I have a lot of hopes, dreams, and goals to achieve. I just need to start organizing the steps that it will take to get there. I'm working on realizing what's important to me, and not letting other opinions sway that.

In a nutshell I am working on getting myself back into the event planning business. I have a degree and it's probably time that I start using it again.

(back to the fun stuff)

Arizona was GREAT! It was my very first time and I loved it, can't wait to go back! Here are a couple of my favorite pics from the trip:

Well, I'm back from Vacation and I'm in need of an update. I promise one will come soon (most likely tomorrow when I'm not super tired from work).

In the mean time you can see some of my pictures from the trip on Facebook. I'll add POD's soon as well!