Wow, where to start. It sort of feels like I’m at an awards ceremony where I have to give that uncomfortably long speech and thank everyone I know that made this possible- after all there are a lot of people to thank.

No, scratch that. Stupid way to open.

Let’s see… Where does the time go? I can’t believe a year has passed? Or, maybe- look how far I’ve come?


After a year of writing about my struggles and triumphs it’s hard to start writing the “finale” to my 25th year. Apparently it's all downhill from here, at least that’s what I’m told.  Maybe I’m not ready to start my descent into adult hood quit yet- or possibly I have already been knee deep in this thing they call being “grown-up” and now It’s time to accept it.

I started “The list” as a fun way to celebrate my entrance into the adult world and let me tell you, I came in with a bang. I’ve been up, down, sideways, and backwards more times than I count this year. I would say that this year has possibly topped any prior year when it comes to living and emotional highs and lows. Not to spread on the cheese but I truly have learned a lot about myself and the importance of embracing life. As my year comes to a close and the final days are being counted down I would say that these realizations come more clear hour by hour.

There are the 25 things… well more like 23 things and 2 still in progress that I completed but beyond the list I’ve done so much more. I’ve moved across the country, I started a new (big girl) job, I’ve served on jury duty,  I was robbed, I lost friends but made new ones, I gained a whole new family, I fell in love when I told myself I wouldn’t- sometimes it’s best to remind yourself that you really don’t know everything, I taught others, I moved out on my own- again, I tapped into my creative side and made some really cool crafts, I’ve inspired some- and pissed off others, I became a fan of high school sports, I became a vegetarian, I celebrated love through weddings, and death through funerals. Some things I could have lived without and with out some,  I could not have lived.

As great as it would be to say that I’ve become someone better through this year, it’s not really about that. My list did exactly what I wanted. It challenged me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, it made me stretch my boundaries and learn that there is more to life than what fits in my bubble.

I can only celebrate these accomplishments and realize with that accomplishment comes with failure, it’s the failures that push us to reach our goals.

Before I reveal the new list I think it’s only appropriate to take a stroll through memory lane and take a peek at the things accomplished on my list of 25:

1.CHECK- Take up hiking as a hobby
2.CHECK- Visit an Art Museum
3.CHECK-Take a cooking class
4.CHECK- Read a Book (or two)
5.CHECK- Learn how to change a tire
6.CHECK- Research each state (find out a cool place to visit in each one)
7.Take 365 photos (one every day)
8.CHECK-Write a letter to nobody and send it
9.CHECK- Watch a star wars movie (any suggestions?)
10.CHECK- Volunteer at: homeless shelter, retirement home, or church
11.CHECk (1/2 check)-Dance in the rain- every chance I get
12.CHECK-  Try cooking something new
13.CHECK-Send a care package once a month (different person every time)
14.CHECK- Find out what P.s. means: POST SCRIPT!
15.CHECK- Learn a new dance
16.CHECK-Pick a team and be their #1 fan
17.CHECK- Sleep under the stars (learn about a few of them while there)
18.CHECK- Be a pen Pal
19.CHECK- Participate in a political event
20.CHECK- Start a baby box
21.CHECK- Go on a picnic
22.CHECK-Go to the movies alone (YIKES)
23.CHECK- Learn something new every day- LITERALLY
24.CHECK- Take a leap of Faith -  a BIG one
25.CHECK- Paint a word wall

As my 26th birthday hides around the corner I can’t help but make a list for the next year. Should it be 26 things? Or maybe 6 really big things? My list so far includes:

1.       Plant a vegetable garden

2.       Call into a radio station

3.       Throw a dinner party

4.       See Mount Rushmore

5.       See a horse race

6.       Visit my childhood home

7.        Research my family tree and learn something from every family member, including those 5 and under J

8.        Start a family game night

9.        Finish my niece/nephews baby scrapbooks (years 1-3).

10.    Run in a marathon or walk for a cause

11.   See the sunrise and sunset in the same day (I stole this from my pen pal from last year’s list)

12.   Complete a 2,000 piece puzzle

13.   Help someone complete an item on their bucket list

I guess thirteen is the lucky number. Half of 26? Ya, that works.

I can only continue to thank those that log on to read my blog and watch my progress. It is your encouragement right from the beginning and through the end that has helped me through this land mark year of my life. I hope that year 26 will be even more challenging in life, love, and well- the pursuit.



10/06/2011 21:00

You are inspiring and accomplished. Continue to write, you do it well. You are able to put on paper what others only think in their heads. Quite a gift. You're not going downhill yet. In fact, when you reach 40 you will have realized maybe, just maybe, this is the starting line and all the rest was the warm up pit. I pray God's will be done in your life and for you the strength and obedience to follow it. Love

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