Well, I've made it safe back to Minnesota.

I have plenty to update on but before I can I have to get settled in to my new life at home. I've started to un pack but being sick, haven't made it very far. As soon as I wade through the clothes, I promise for an update. It's been LOOOONG over due.


Madre Rox on
01/09/2011 20:32

Anytime we put our expectancy in another person or thing, we will be let down.

Psalm 118:8 "It is better to trust and take refuge in the Lord than to put confidence in man"

Seek to Know Him more Ash and be lead by His Spirit and not our carnal emotions, they will betray us!

01/11/2011 12:56

Hey girl! I hope everything is going good for you! After reading ur blog trust me I know how u felt, I also have an AMAZING family! We got together constantly (every weekend) lol just to cook, talk, play games, watch movies, we just all completely enjoy being with each other so when I moved here and they were gathering during the week and on the weekends I struggled with not seeing them and not being there (not to mention I knew no one here but brad at first and I had no idea about the area)..... I started having HORRIBLE anxiety I thought things were wrong with me constantly I would wake up at night in complete panics and could feel myself struggleing with the devil ( I was raised to go to church every Wednesday and Sunday as well as I sung in church) when I moved stopped I going and singing. I went to the emergency room alllll the time thinking I had one thing or another I was miserable. Finally I started praying cause for me I knew Brad was where my life was suppose to be. And God pulled me through everything as well as I had to help myself and stop worrying about my family and old friends and start my life here and now I couldn't be happier! What I'm saying is as much as I would have loved for u and matt to have the happy ending brad and I had it wasn't right or it would have worked out like my situation did! I'm so happy for u on making a decision to make yourself happy cause that is what will matter in the long run!


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