It's December? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Where did the year go? Just 22 more days til I get to go home, 24 more days til Christmas, and 30 days until its 2011... WOW!

I guess I would normally being starting on my New Years Resolutions but I think I have my hands full with my list.. We'll see I guess.

I booked my ticket for home Yesterday and I couldn't be happier. I miss home- especially now. Don't get me wrong, I could do with out the snow but the people there are irreplaceable :) I think that since it's getting so close to Christmas and knowing that I FINALLY get to go home that I am getting extremely impatient. I want to be there right MEOW but I know that I need to wait... I just suck at the waiting part.

Any who, I took more pictures today. Really excited to edit them! If they aren't up tonight they will be up hopefully by the weekend!

Pretty boring post for today, sorry!

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