I have the whole house to myself- I never knew how amazing that would be until I lived with three boys. Three boys, and their video games :)

Crap... garage door just opened- my time alone is over. O well. The good thing is that this means that my strawberry shortcake yogurt has arrived! (I previously mentioned how amazing this yogurt was in my POD section, but I've one up'd it.. I added graham crackers! double yum...)

It's Tuesday- you know what that means? GLEE night! Does anyone else LOVE this show? I can't even imagine how awesome it would be to practice for shooting. (edit: Matt Morrison just took his shirt off- another reason why this show is amazing)

Costume is going Fan-Frickin-tastic! I'm so excited for Friday so that you can all see what the final product looks like! Don't forget to check out today's POD for your next hint :)

I'm constantly reminded of how blessed I am. Blessed with life, air to breath, a roof over my head, a beautiful family, and amazing friends. Today I received a package from my great friend Kyle. Last week he texted me saying "whats your address, I'm going to send you something to help with your list" I thought all week on what he could possibly be sending me that would help. I checked the mail with high hopes today and TA-DA look what the post master dropped off:

A star gazing book! YAY!

The front page read this: "...Hopefully you can always gaze at the stars and never feel lonely knowing another loved one is doing the same! Enjoy!"

Amazing? Right? Made my day! I feel so loved to have such a great support system! A million thank you's to Kyle, and to all the other people that bless me every day!
I"ll leave you with this photo for the day, I thought it was pretty funny- ENJOY!


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