So I can "technically" check off the political event from the list:
I say technically because I was hoping it could be a bigger event (although voting is very important) I was hoping for a debate or something like that.. however, there were not any around here. Maybe sometime within the next year?

Check out my POD for today to see how amazing my best friend is... I've had an hour or more conversation with her for the past two days and its been so great! I love my long distance friend... Just wish she wasn't long distance!

My friend Lauren told me about a cool Art Museum here in Charlotte- super excited to check it out! This weekend might also be a good weekend to go to the movies alone since I've got nothing planned and no one is here!

Sorry for the short blog, and the wait for the POD's It's all updated and I'll bring more to the table

Courtney (Bestest)
11/03/2010 16:16

You make me feel like a rockstar when I make it to your blog!! And, I love that I not only make it on your blog, but now you can find me in multiple places... POD now too!! LOVE IT, but I love you more!!!


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