All that excitement to say that I finished my first book, "Eat, Pray, Love"! So excited... The last time I turned the page I had 1 page and a paragraph left, that final amount held plenty of anticipation. I honestly don't know if I even paid that much attention to what I was reading because all I could think was "You're almost done, I'M ALMOST DONE, one last paragraph...and I'M DONE!"... I've learned so much from this book, more than I've learned in a few years. Can't wait to pass it on...

So, originally I was going to use this next blog to talk about acceptance, forgiveness, thankfulness, or any of the other many things I've been thinking about lately. Instead, my attention was quickly diverted to the boys who were yelling, no, screaming at the T.V. I decided then, that I would blog about video games :)... not the game itself but all the excitement that goes into playing and I'm hoping to gain some understanding and incite into the strange workings of the male mind (wish me luck)...

It must be instilled at a young age...RAAAR!

My first instinct was to flee the scene and retreat to the bedroom. I figured I would need the silence to write all this out, then at last minute I changed my mind. I thought that my research would best be done in the heat of the action- yelling and all.
So this is what I don't get- as I mentioned in my facebook post yesterday- whats the point of yelling at the TV while playing a game (I guess while watching sporting events too). I mean, really? Do they think that someone is magically going to appear and start talking back to them, if so then I might start yelling at Matt Morrison from Glee and pray that he starts talking back to me (I wouldn't mind that).

This guy is INTENSE. I would like to ask him is he's playing poker, or maybe his game is really bright?

Maybe this next part is because I just wasn't gifted with the art of mastering a sporting, or basically any other video game (other than golden eye) and that's why I might harbor hard feelings for it, buuuuuut where is the excitement in it? Is it bragging rights? As far as I know you don't get a trophy, or even a certificate for winning anything or beating anyone, right? Maybe its the thrill of the game, or maybe its because God blessed me with a vagina and the ability to focus on other things in life so I just don't harbor the same excitement and thrill about playing them like guys do.

This is how I feel when I play video games, usually because I'm losing...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely hateful towards video games (I'm actually not hateful at all). I'm up for a good game of Mario kart, or anything Mario, or rock band or the Wii any day,  I'm just looking for understanding when it comes to guys and video games...but who isnt?

On another note its my one week anniversary of being a Vegetarian! YAY....

This is my Taco salad... minus the beef :( Black Beans instead!


10/15/2010 14:14

Great blog today! Laughed out loud! :) great research Ash!

10/15/2010 15:36

Ok I'll get this posting thing right..I posted below the wrong one last time!

I might have to ask you some questions or get some great quotes from Eat, Pray, Love!! :) I'm glad it was inspiring.

Madre Rox on
10/18/2010 19:54

Beautiful pictures. Love the information. Congrats on your new venture.....


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