Well, if I were to compare my day according to the list it would be a huge FAIL... I was super productive I just didn't do anything that I had planned on doing.

1. Website- check!
2. Laundry- half check since its still in the washer and dryer
3. Gym- half check again (I only made it for a run around the block)
4. call the itworks peeps- CHECK!

Well, 4 out of 10 isn't bad... especially if you include all the other cool things I did like: finish a project, bake my "famous" cookies, research some stuff that I plan on selling on EBAY, applying for a couple jobs, catching up on my shows, and talking to the Gas man this morning...

O well, we'll try it all again tomorrow :)

kyle larson
11/08/2010 20:08

Sometimes the best things that happen are unplanned, I admire you every time I tune in! Keep up the good job and love the blog as always Ash! Does this make me a groupie? Haha

Courtney (Bestest)
11/09/2010 10:45

Kyle: I am probably a groupie too! Haha!!
Love ya Bestest, and the blog! Coming along real nice babe. I'm proud of ya!

Kyle Larson
11/09/2010 19:39

Well Court, I come on the 25th year for Ashley's updates but seem to run into you here or on facespace. So I think that means we are part of the fan club, wow what a marketing genius-Ash start a fan club! Courtney I hope when Ashley is home we can hang out and meet the famed BESTEST! (I need a title, HAHA)


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