I went to Youtube to get a video that I wanted to share with you. It's "what can I say?" by Carrie Underwood... while there I got sidetracked and started clicking on a million different videos.

I stumbled across this girl Anna Craig. Her youtube name is Annacraigmusic. She's so cute and I've listened to maybe 10 of her covers now?... you should check her out below- she's 16 and has countless covers... This one was one of my favorites.
Well... life is busy! I'm on day 3 out of 12 days of work in a row. Busy night Friday night, Saturday night, and brunch today was pretty busy too. I'm semi looking forward to a slower day shift tomorrow...

21 days til we leave for Arizona and with the snow we got today I couldn't be more thrilled :) I can start packing now, right?


04/08/2011 20:09

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