A day off... I think I was starting to forget what that felt like. This past week (especially the weekend) really beat me up- physically, emotionally, and mentally. I was starting to feel like I was going insane. I'm hoping that after today I will feel like my normal self again.

This week will also be busy starting tomorrow. I work every day until Saturday. I still need to pack and get stuff with my car figured out before we leave on Sunday- YAY for vacation!

Today should be a pretty good day. So far i've spent the afternoon with my newphew :) Love this little guy. Then I plan on meeting up with my momma, Aunts & Gma later for some happy hour to celebrate Shirley's (my Aunt/ Godmomma) birthday- really excited for that. Depending on how late that goes I will either stay out or go home early to pack and get caught up on my sleep before my work marathon continues tomorrow night.

I'm hoping this week goes by fast but with Arizona on my mind I can't help but be distracted. Packing, laundry, and the even bigger "shazam" for when we arrive... I'm very excited to say the least, it's just the waiting part that i'm bad at.

This next part is completely seperate from the above:

I've been stretched to my limits lately, both with work and in relationships. I've come to realize lately what becomes important at the end of the day. Let me say that although I "realize" and can admit what is important its not always easy to follow through with it. There is still a sense of doubt when it comes to a lot of "issues" but when we are stretched beyond capacity we grow. I'm hoping that everyday I grow a little more and that I can push myself beyond my limits.

I'm reminded of the other morning as I was driving to work. I was listening to KDWB (I think) and they were talking about some guy- a musician I belive, maybe a drummer? Anyway, they were talking about the interview they had with said musician and how he gave up everything in life and constantly focused on being a drummer. He would eat, sleep, dream, drumming. He jokingly talked about how he had tattood himself at a young age so that he didnt have any other option other than being a musician. Sounds stupid to some but how genious is that? If you have no other options wouldnt you work that much harder to be the best?

Maybe it's just me but I found it to be very interesting. My only problem is that I don't think I could just pick one dream or one thing that I wanted to be the best at. There are so many things that I love doing and that I want to do in the future.

well I'll leave you with that.


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