Well hello again...

I'm taking a quick break to tell you about my awesome experience with Self Serve frozen yogurt- MY all time favorite. They have a new store that opened in the Concord Mall- Yogurt Mountain. So GREAT! See:
On another note I took more photos over the weekend. A 4 year old birthday party- enjoy :)
Hope you like them :) Can't wait to take more!

Nothing else is really new.. I'm currently working in Pen Pal letter number 4 but that's it.

P.s. I'm currently watching the VS fashion show.. WOW how I wish I was one of those girls :) lol


12/01/2010 15:29

Love the photos... keep'em coming! :)

Court (Bestest)
12/04/2010 20:02

Can't wait to see the pics you take once you are HOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!


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