Well, today is a new day and it looks a lot better than the last. YAY!

I went to the gym today and before I start, let me first say that the gym I work out at has a skate/hockey rink and a soccer field attached to it and story time begins...

so as I was sweating away on the treadmill I was reminded of my middle school days and the greatest field trip of ALL- Roller Gardens, anyone remember that amazing place?

I suuuuuuure do. Mainly because of the Snowball- skating with a boy (so prohibited at my private school, but it was the only time that holding hands with a boy wasn't frowned on). Luckily, I got to witness this blissful "dance" today as the 12 year old's skated round, and round, and round to the tunes of Usher's,  "Burn". Good choice hahaha...
It got me thinking on how the only thing important in my life at that time was Boys. Boys, Boys, Boys, urrrgh. Oh, how I wish I could go back to those days and realize how immature my fairytale fantasies were and how the world was so much bigger than the 7th grade. YIKES.

Anyways... on to other things:

- Can you guess what these have in common? Bottle of win, convertible, sunny day, blanket, two dixie cups, comfort food... (the picture keeps getting bigger).

- I got ANOTHER Letter from my pen pal today!! First thing I did when got home from work today was check the mailbox- and there it was,  my letter :)

p.s. when I'm pregnant I will most likely live in spandex pants- sorry future baby daddy :) WOOOAH, Random!


11/07/2010 07:31

Coolest gym ever!! :)

Courtney (Bestest)
11/08/2010 05:15

Is the thing in common.... going to a picnic?? Oh and your blog says bottle of win, not wine.... Just saying. I love you and hope I get to see you soon, whether it be down there or up here! Misssssssssssssss youuuuuu!!


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