First off I just want to say that if you have NEVER waited tables- you need to. At least once in your life...

and so begins my ranting and raving about serving... I'm only bringing this up because I had a table this morning that topped my list of WORST TABLES IN THE WORLD. Don't worry, I'm gonna tell you ALL about it.

In numbered list form, here it goes:

1. They arrive (two people) at RR. Get sat at a table- request to be moved to a booth- no big deal
2. He orders water, she orders Cranberry juice, no ice- still no big deal
3. I return to the table with the drinks- she stares down the rocks glass that holds her juice- company policy unless ordered with ice. (this made me think she just ordered it with no ice hoping to get more juice). Then she asks, "Why didn't I get a big glass? Last time I was here it came in a tall glass". I informed her it was because she got no ice and said if you would like ANOTHER one I can get it for you when you are ready- still bordering on no big deal but a little annoyed at this point.
4. Then comes the ordereing. She wants Shrimp and grits but doesnt want it the way it comes on the menu. she only wanted shrimp with cheese grits- fine, no problem. He, then orders the french toast but doesnt want hashbrowns. I tell him he can switch it out for whatever side he wants. Then he asks about our "breakfast meat" I told him we have bacon, sausage, and candian bacon... he's disappointed that we don't have other options (what other meat is there???). He sticks with the hashbrowns...
5. I'm in the kitchen ringing in the order and trying to explain how she wants her special grits when the sweet hostess comes in and says, "the people at 123 want you". .. GREAT, I think to myself.
6. I walk back to the table and ask if they needed something. He says to me,  "Can you make sure they don't put american cheese in the grits, and that they use cheddar instead because a lot of poeple think that American is unpasterized but its not" (WTF). I assure him that we don't even have american cheese so it wont be an issue.
7. The meal arrives at the table. He requests more syrup, a side plate,  and an extra linen napkin- normal requests, no big deal
8. I come back with his items and he whips the whip cream off of his french toast on to the side plate and tells me to take that back with me. Yes, SIR!
9. I come back to check on them (two minute check back haha). He asks if I could ask a manager how much it would be to add on a side of shrimp- the kind that comes with the shrimp and grits- like I can't figure it out for myself? I return to tell him that it would be $8.95 for 6 jumbo shrimp or $6.95 for 6 baby shrimp. He says he doesnt want them and then goes on to tell me that her shrimp on her meal wasn't cooked all the way through. I of course offer her a different menu item or ask her is she wants me to have them re-cook it for her. HEEEE says, "You know what, just cancel the order and take it back.".... REALLY?!?!?  

- Let me just add that if it was just a couple of these things it wouldn't be bad but it  was EVERYTHING with this table... continuing on...

10. so I bring the shrimp and grits back to the kitchen- the shrimp is cooked PERFECTLY- it really was. I send Sam, awesome manager, over to the table. They don't want anything else. He takes off the meal bringing the $30 tab down to $15...
11. I return to the table again later to check on them again. They ask for the check and then tell me. "We want you to know that we know it's not YOUR fault that the shrimp wasnt cooked properly, all you do is bring the food to the table so we wont hold that against you (gee, thanks) but if your job in life is to cook, then you should know how to cook shrimp." I wanted to say, "you should probably never go out to eat cause you're an idiot" but I didnt...He then asks for the check- Thank God, they are leaving
12. I bring him the check, run his card, drop it off and then thank God that's over... but wait
13. The real kicker of this story is the ending. Since they are clearly done and paid out I avoid them at all costs. Their beverages are full so there is no need for them to need me, You would think. about ten minutes later a fellow server comes up to me and says, "123 wants you"- What could they possibly need now? I walk over to the table (with a fake smile plastered on my face) and say, "did you need something?" the man then says to me, "Yes, Ashley. Can you get my coat for me, we are ready to leave" (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME- I didn't hang your damn coat up get it yourself!). In shock I say, "Sure, what does it look like?" - totally confused at this point... I go rummage to hopefully find the right caot. I bring it back to him and they leave...
14. I pick up the check after they left... $2 tip... oh, yes.

Needless to say I am still dumbfounded at this point. Some people...


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