I went tanning today for the first time in about a year- it felt GREAT!

As I laid (or is it layed?) there I thought to myself: 25 more days until Arizona and only 7 months til my next birthday. You know what that means, right? Only 7 months left to finish my list. I'm thankful that it will (hopefully) be warm soon so that I can start crossing more things off. I like to think of it as a spring cleaning for my list :)

I've become a huge fan of Wednesday and Thursday day's. I've started a tradition and it seems that I always have a little skip in my step afterward.

The tradition being:

coffee... of course :) I'm starting to become a huge fan of Starbucks- sorry Caribou!

Anyways, life is good today :)

03/02/2011 14:19

So you are a blogger! You go girl!


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