Is anyone else NOT in the Christmas spirit? I am forced to listen to cheesy Christmas music alll day at work and yet I don't feel like it's Christmas. I'm assuming its the lack of snow that the south has so I'm hoping that once I'm on Minnesota soil I'll feel festive again... I don't even have a tree up. Dang it.

I will be arriving in Minnesota in 16 days, CAN'T WAIT! I can't wait to see family, to visit with friends, to visit my old stomping grounds, and I must say it- to have a snow ball fight with my little niece and nephews :) Like others, I too am not looking forward to the 29th...

Well work is still great (minus the people that I discussed in the last blog lol). Other than the really annoying Christmas music I enjoy going to work... I want to request some N*sync or Mariah Carey but I'm still new so I don't think that would get very far :)

Photography is going well. I've been out a few times. I plan on going out some more this week once I'm free from work for a little bit. I"ll post some when I do.

I've decided that I am completely obsessed with COFFEE MUGS- cute ones that is. I'm usually a stickler about everything having to match and be a set but there is something about unique coffee cups that makes me throw my perfectionist attitude out the window. Anyone else feel this way?

It doesn't help that I am staring at this end cap of mugs:

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