Halloween is awesome- only because you get FREE candy AND you get to get dressed up as ANYTHING you want! How cool is that?

I'm so excited about my costume! Every day this week I plan on posting different pictures of my costume, I'm gonna see who can guess what it is.. If I've already told you what it is then don't cheat! lol

Anyways, I started working on it yesterday. Originally I was going to just buy one but once I saw that it was going to be around $50.00 and I would have to ruin it (part of the costume) I didn't think it would be worth it. So I turned to making it myself, and I am SOOOO pleased with it and to top it off it only cost me $5.00! YAY...

Go check out the P.O.D.'s for my "hint" pictures!

It rained today which at first made me really excited! I was all ready to go play in the rain and what happens? It STOPS raining... REALLY? I was that close to checking off another item for my list... o well, next time!

Courtney (Bestest)
10/25/2010 21:56

I know what your Halloween costume is!! But I won't cheat! Where is my pic of the progress you've made today on it? And WOW! You didn't tell me you only spent $5 getting the materials! Rock on!! Love you!


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