Well I've officially started packing- Phase 1 is complete (throw everything you might pack in a pile)

Next comes folding everything, sorting the things that I wont actually bring and then do that one more time, then start organizing everything into the suitcase :)

This month has been insanely busy- working all the time.

Check out the bottom right- 14 hours of overtime this week- Can't wait for my 5 day vacation!
No time for the Gym lately which is depressing but hopefully after the new year I'll get back into my routine.Only 3 days of work and then home- I cannot wait!

Oh, and p.s.- Kyle, He doesn't read the blog. But if he did I wouldn't mind- I would tell him to his face lol!

Kyle Larson
12/20/2010 07:34

Well he'd probably be a better person if he did read the blog! I don't know how much of a break you are going to get, there are a few people that aren't going to leave you alone;) You'll probably be writing about going back to NC for a break!


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