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To pack... or not to pack. What do I do?

And I'll go sit on the floor
Wearing your clothes
All that I know is
I don't know how to be something you miss

Never thought we'd have a last kiss
Never imagined we'd end like this
Your name, forever the name on my lips

So I watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep
And I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe
And I keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are
Hope it's nice where you are

And I hope the sun shines
And it's a beautiful day
And something reminds you
You wish you had stayed
You can plan for a change in the weather and time
But I never planned on you changing your mind

I'll go sit on the floor
Wearing your clothes
All that I know is
I don't know how to be something you miss

Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long
No matter what I say or do
I still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone

You hold me without touch
You keep me without chains
I never wanted anything so much
Than to drown in your love and not feel your rain

Set me free, leave me be
I don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity
Here I am and I stand so tall
I'm just the way I'm supposed to be
But you're on to me and all over me

You loved me 'cause I'm fragile
When I thought that I was strong
But you touch me for a little while
And all my fragile strength is gone

Set me free, leave me be
I don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity
Here I am and I stand so tall
I'm just the way I'm supposed to be
But you're on to me and all over me

I live here on my knees
As I try to make you see
That you're everything I think I need
Here on the ground

But you're neither friend nor foe
Though I can't seem to let you go
The one thing that I still know
Is that you're keeping me down
You're keeping me down

You're on to me, on to me and all over
Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long

But I knew I had to do it,
And he wouldn't understand,
So hard to see myself without him,
I felt a piece of my heart break,
But when you're standing at a crossroad,
There's a choice you gotta make.

I guess it's gonna have to hurt,
I guess I'm gonna have to cry,
And let go of some things I've loved,
To get to the other side,
I guess it's gonna break me down,
Like falling when you try to fly,
It's sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life,
Starts with goodbye.

I know there's a blue horizon,
Somewhere up ahead, just waiting for me,
Getting there means leaving things behind,
Sometimes life's so bitter sweet.
Take time to realize
Oh-oh I'm on your side
didn't I, didn't I tell you.
Take time to realize
This all can pass you by.. Didn't I tell you

But I can't spell it out for you,
no its never gonna be that simple
no I can't spell it out for you.

If you just realized what I just realized
then we'd be perfect for each other
then we'd never find another
Just realized what I just realized
we'd never have to wonder if
we missed out on each other now.                                     _________________________________________________________

Oh baby i need you
to see me, the way i see you
lovely, wide awake in
the middle of my dreams

And all i see is your face
all i need is your touch
wake me up with your lips
come at me from up above

Then the cold came, the dark days
when fear crept into my mind.
You gave me all your love
and all I gave you was goodbye.

I could go back to every laugh
But I don't want to go there anymore and I
know all the steps up to your door
But I don't want to go there anymore
Talk to the wind, talk to the sky
Talk to the man with the reasons why
And let me know what you find

I could stand up and sing you a song
But I don't want to have to go that far and I
I've got you down, I know you by heart
And you don't even know where I start
Talk to yourself, talk to the tears
Talk to the man who put you here
Don't wait for the sky to clear

I've watched you so long
screamed your name
I don't know what else
I can say

It's been a while. So much going on with flying home, work, Christmas, and just life in general. I have so much to say but I'm not sure where to start. I guess I'll go in reverse order by starting with today and working my way back.

Today (December 26th) has been long. I did ALL of my Christmas shopping today since we will be celebrating on Tuesday instead of on Christmas like we usually do. I spent some time with the Tangen side of the family today- not very long but it was still good to see everyone.

Christmas- this year just doesnt feel the same. It was a quiet Christmas morning with only one little boy running around the house. We did stockings like usual and then had breakfast together. Some of my favorites from the morning (other than the ones from POD)
After Christmas morning we went to my Grandma Skeie's house- coolest Grandma EVER. I got to see all of my beautful aunts, uncles, and cousins- and their significant others :) It was a great day. Courtney and Clint also joined us :)

Christmas Eve- BUSY DAY!
I met Kyle for lunch at Noodles- missed that place! Then took a nap, got ready for the Candle light service at my church and then went back to my mom's for soup and games :) Courtney and Clint joined us for this too!
I also received a package on this day:
It was a mug with candies :) My all time favorite candy, and a TEXAS mug. I LOVE IT

Thursday. I came home! I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Everything feels right being here. It didnt feel like Christmas until my plane landed on Minnesota soil. I gave out a big sigh of relief. ahhh.

There's a lot to update about the home life but for everyone's sake I'll keep it to myself for right now until every thing is sorted out. Hopefully that will be soon.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, I know I did!
Well I've officially started packing- Phase 1 is complete (throw everything you might pack in a pile)

Next comes folding everything, sorting the things that I wont actually bring and then do that one more time, then start organizing everything into the suitcase :)

This month has been insanely busy- working all the time.

Check out the bottom right- 14 hours of overtime this week- Can't wait for my 5 day vacation!
No time for the Gym lately which is depressing but hopefully after the new year I'll get back into my routine.Only 3 days of work and then home- I cannot wait!

Oh, and p.s.- Kyle, He doesn't read the blog. But if he did I wouldn't mind- I would tell him to his face lol!
I have one DUMB ASS roommate... I'll explain more later.




One week! One week until I'm home sweet home. I cannot wait, it's so close that it's almost worse waiting for it. I'll get started on  my packing now so it feels even closer :)

My days back home are quickly filling up with activities- I really hope I have time to do everything that I want to do! Snowmobiling, snow ball fights, Christmas festivities, seeing my family and friends and just being back in the familiar life that I'm used to- UHH Can't wait! :)

So I have the night off... I havent had a night off since technically Sunday- feels great to have a break and get myself organized at home.

I have some major decisions to make in the next few months and I'm not sure which way to go with any of them. I'm praying for wisdom and favor with every decision that I have...  Good luck to me.




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10 more days, I couldn't be more impatient!