I'm happy to announce that I have started writing to my pen pal (#18)! I put the VERY FIRST letter in the mail this morning... Very excited for this little project to develop!

I watched the Mail Man come today... Creepy, I know!

I would like to say that I have also made a new recipe- however I just adjusted a recipe that I have already made... I learned in my food class (yes, I'm taking a food class) about using healthy substitutions like bananas for eggs and applesauce for oil or butter (I've heard of the applesauce before from my middle school best friend, her mom did it all the time)... I made the above substitutions and added flax seed to my chocolate, chocolate chip and oat cookies... I would say they are pretty healthy since they are made with wheat flour, bananas, apple sauce, rolled oats, and nuts :)... Can't wait for these little guys to get out of the oven!

I'm almost done with my book- "eat, pray, love". Only 5 chapters left!!! My friend, Aminda, recommended I read "Intuitions" next. I'm gonna have to make a run to borders again to see if I can find it!

Happy Birthday to my Friend, Kyle, today and my other friend, Kyle, yesterday! I was sent these photos today by one of them, cool huh?

It's weird how you get so excited about seeing your own name in unexpected places :)

If you haven't already go vote for my #6 (I believe it is located in the blog before this one!)

Kyle Larson
10/13/2010 18:54

Love the pics that you posted already and the birthday wishes. I feel like such a special friend to be on the Ashley Inc. website!


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