Happy Thursday everyone!

I have so much to write, and plenty of time to do it- However, I just can't find the right words to say. Most days I wish that I had a little secretary in my head, writing down all my thoughts :) As Matt has found out in just the last few days I have a quit a few thoughts in my head at one time. For example:

The other day Matt and I were having a conversation regarding the temperature and how it is so much hotter in our room (upstairs) compared to the lower lever. Obviously its because heat rises but that wasn't the point. So anyway we are discussing maybe opening the windows to our bedroom to let cool air in at night -then begins my random thinking... so I ask him "Well how does having the window's open help" or something like that. Instead of listening for a response I unknowingly ignore whatever he said and begin to think to myself "Well, if we open the windows during the night then I will wake up in the morning to our extremely loud neighbors, but that doesn't matter anyway because I already wake up every time someone opens the garage door (its really loud, and right under the bedroom)" I continue thinking to myself "well, what if the boys would leave and enter through the front door, that would be cool. Then I could add a bench in the living room for them to sit on and install hooks on the wall for their coats and jackets..." As my remodel continues in my head, my thoughts get interrupted by Matt asking me, "Do you get it?" I ask "Get what?" Clearly not remembering that I had asked the question in the first place... {SIGH}... I just have too many thoughts at one time. For the record, I quickly apologized and confessed to him my ignorance :)

Here is another fun story for the day.. I wanted to post this on Tuesday but ran out of time...

so I'm sure I'm not the only one that has had this problem- I like to call it the GROCERY STORE TRAP:

I went to the Grocery store on Tuesday to get three things: Dirty/Mexican Rice, Enchilada Sauce, and diced green chili's- that's it. Well, the rice that I just so happen to need was 5/$5 (sweet!) so I grab two different types of rice, and a pasta thingy that was also a 5/$5 item... so I have three items, super excited that I'm going to find 2 more things. I gleefully walk through the aisles trying to find the coveted 5/5 items... 20 minutes later- still nothing, NOTHING! This all could have been avoided if I had just grabbed the $1.59 package of rice and not even worried about that dang special. And I can't leave out that with my 20 minute tour around the store I added a bunch of other crap to my cart that I didn't need. Instead of leaving with my rice, enchilada sauce, and green chilis I left with: cilantro, egg nog creamer, bananas, ice cream sandwiches (hehehe, oops), graham crackers, romaine lettuce, and of course the 5/5 items (I went back and just grabbed 3 extra boxes of pasta)... so my efforts in "sticking it to the man", FAILED.

I noticed that the majority of my posts revolve around food, so here's another food thing for you: I make dinner for the boys every night (pretty fun for me when they let me decide what to make) so Tuesday I make Enchiladas- they loved them! Last night we made mini pizzas and they REALLY Loved it. I took pictures because it was so fun and really good. I thought that if you had little kids you might like to do this at home. What I did was cut up all the ingredients that they would want to put on a pizza- marinara, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, cheese, italian seasoning, and mushrooms. For the crust we used whole wheat english muffins (you can use white, of course). I put all the toppings in the center of the table and let them build their perfect pizza. After creating the pizzas we put them in the oven at 400 for 8-10 minutes. While we waited for the entree we ate a salad, It was so fun!


I tried to get creative and use olive oil, cilantro, tomatoes, and cheese (Mozz) for one of mine- it was SUPER YUMMY!


All of our mini's before going in to the oven. RJ doesn't eat veggies- can you tell which pizza is his?


The boys- they were impressed :)

So back to my list... I have made some baby steps toward participating in a political event. When I got my DL I registered to vote and they sent me the voter info.. now I just need to get to reading so that I can vote on Nov. 2nd (for the record, the voting isn't going to count toward the item- I'm looking for a debate or something similar)

Voters information!

I almost forgot to mention that I'm half way through my second book- "Total Money Makeover". This wasn't the original book that I was going to read but Matt suggested it, and I LOVE it. I've learned so much already and I just started it on Sunday!

I also hit my goal for making two new things for the month of October- Chicken Enchiladas & Mushroom Marsala. I've also sent out my care package.. I just need to get started on researching every state :) Wish me luck!

Kyle Larson
10/24/2010 14:34

He should have texted you the answer! I learned early that you have a short attention span and talking isn't the best all the time for you! Haha Great little blog as usual Ash!


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