Wow. What a week. The crappy thing is that it's only Tuesday and although I've already worked 4 doubles I still have 4 more to go. Luckily I was able to get Wednesday day off so I could have a mental break for a little bit.

I've almost quit a couple times at one of them but then I end up staying. At least once I finish training at the second one I will be able to actually quit working there for real.

I love the new job (the one I'm training for). I work with 20 males and about 4 or 5 females- that's a first. I've never been out numbered by guy servers before. It's amazing, I've never made friends so fast at work before lol.

Well, whats new. It's been a while. Unfortunately not a whole lot because all I've been doing is working so I haven't had much free time to go and explore or work on my list. Although, my new camera will be in the mail soon so my picture taking will be WAAAAY better :)

So funny story of the day. It (was) 8:08am. I roll over and notice my phone is blinking green (this means either a text or email) I get up- 30 minutes earlier than I wanted- to check it. Worst idea ever since it has created the weirdest moment of my life (maybe not life, week would be better). Here is what happened:

The text said, "That big uncircumcised penis just cut me off in traffic, what a dick!" Confused, I ask, "Who is this?" (it was a North Carolina number so I figured I would maybe know them?) Well the conversation continues with him saying he was "big mike" and that I waited on him a couple of times and that he didn't know how to talk to cute girls blah blah blah... I obviously know that he is lying ( I would remember if I waited on someone more than once). Then it takes a crazy turn when he says that he was lying and that my manager gave him my number and that he has two tickets to go watch midget wrestling (????????????????)... WOW. Do I look like I would enjoy that? Even if I did, THAT'S your pick up line, midget wrestling? Then he offered up watching elephants mate at the zoo... needless to say I'm still in a messed up conversation with this "big Mike" character- no idea who it is, and I'm almost positive that I'm in the middle of a big joke but I guess it brought about some interesting conversation at 8am...

For the record, I AM drinking egg nog at 9am in the morning. Why? BECAUSE ITS AMAZING and I have a waaaay longer amount of time to work off all 720 calories that are in my pint of egg nog (YIKES).

Well friends, It's been a while and i've missed writing everyday. So glad that I got a chance to log in this morning. I hope you are all well! Happy ALMOST hump day :)

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